Monday, July 28, 2014

Sunday, June 8, 2008

How to subscribe to Gourmetsharing's RSS from your blog?

Add RSS Feed to Blogger:

1. Login to your Blogger account.
2. Click on Manage: Layout on your Dashboard.

Image1: Blogger Layout page

3. Page as shown in Image1 will be displayed. Click on Add a Page Element link on the section of your blog you would like Gourmetsharing's RSS to appear.

Image2: Feed element in Blogger

4. Under Feed element, click Add To Blog, as in Image2.

Image3: Configure Feed

5. Copy and paste Gourmetsharing's RSS feed URL of your interest in Feed URL, as shown in Image3, and click Continue.

Add RSS Feed to WordPress

1. Login to your WordPress account.

Image4: Design and Widgets Location

2. Click on Design tab and then click on Widgets, as shown in Image4.

Image5: RSS element in Widgets

3. At RSS element in Widgets, click on Add, as shown in Image5.

Image6: Added RSS widgets

4. As shown in Image6, you will notice that your RSS widget has been added to Current Widgets section. Click on Edit in the RSS widget.

Image7: Configure RSS widget

5. Copy and paste Gourmetsharing's RSS feed URL of your interest in your RSS widget, as shown in Image7, and click Save Changes.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Gourmetsharing is RSS enabled now!

Starting from 26-May-2008, you can subscribe to Gourmetsharing's recently shared, mostly viewed and most mouth-watering cuisines RSS. To add these RSS feeds into your favourite home page like iGoogle, My Yahoo!, etc. , you can copy and paste the following Gourmetsharing's RSS feed URLs into them and start enjoying cuisines shared by gourmets worldwide.

Gourmetsharing RSS
Recently Shared Cuisines:

Most Mouth-watering Cuisines:

Mostly Viewed Cuisines:


Monday, May 5, 2008



ShareThis make your cuisines sharing life a lot easier. When you click on the ShareThis link, a popup will appear. Click on the social web which you would like to share the cuisine on. It is as easy as that. :)

Monday, April 28, 2008

New Feature: TasteBox


Ever thinking of showing the world as to what is your taste like?

TasteBox is another innovation from With TasteBox, you can show your taste to the world by publish your TasteBox on your website or your blog. To setup your TasteBox, please follow steps below:
  1. Register a free account at
  2. Login and share your favourite cuisine
  3. Go to your home page by clicking on My Home
  4. Copy the script in the TasteBox section
  5. Paste the script in your website or your blog

Now you are ready to show your taste online.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Gourmetsharing Introduction

Gourmetsharing, through the website -, is a home for gourmets to meet, share and talk about cuisine and food of their favourite. You can discover cuisine around your area, connect with other gourmets and share a cuisine to worldwide gourmets.

For every sharing or posting, Gourmetsharing enables the community to give their comments, rating, save the cuisine to their favourite and share the cuisine to their friends.

You can view and search for the cuisines that most interest you through three different views, i.e:
  1. Cuisines View - Through this view, you can view what are the featured, top rated, most viewed and recently posted cuisines by styles and counties.

  2. Styles View - This view enables you to view cuisines by style such as Chinese, Thai, Italian, etc.

  3. Location View - When you first click on this view, Gourmetsharing will identify your country and present you with all the cuisines available at your country. You can also search for specific cuisines by entering your location and let Gourmetsharing bring you to your destination.

Gourmetsharing also features gourmet connect with gourmet, G2G. You could view other gourmet's particular, postings, favourite cuisines and the comments given by other gourmets through gourmet profile page.

There are more features to come for G2G. At the meantime, you are welcomed to give your suggestion to us through below channels:

  1. Post your comment in this blog

  2. Post your feedback @

We will consider your valuable suggestion for our future releases.

Welcome to online G2G (Gourmet to Gourmet) community by logging in to